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  1. Mooring fees are payable in advance by the 20th of the preceding month and are not transferable if boat ownership changes, nor refundable unless written notice has been given. 90 days written notice of vacating a mooring is always required.
  2. No boat may be sold privately whilst at the Marina, nor through any broker except Canal Boat Sales under their standard terms of business.
  3. Mooring is conditional on current CRT Licence and insurance cover with a minimum of £2,000,000 third party indemnity.
  4. Allocation of berths is at the discretion of Cropedy Marina. The owner is not entitled to the exclusive use of any particular berth unless agreed in writing and is required to relocate to any suitable berth if requested to do so.
  5. Crick Marina has the right to exercise a general lien upon any boat and/or property of its owner, whilst in or on the marina, until any money due to Crick Marina in respect of mooring fees, commission, storage or charges for work done or goods supplied or otherwise shall be paid.
  6. All property kept at the Marina is at its owners risk.
  7. Pets (dogs) must be kept on a lead and under strict control at all times.
  8. Any moorer found in practice to be “residential” when this was not agreed in advance will be required to vacate his/her mooring within 14 days.


(£200 for permanent mooring, £500 for five year mooring).