After much rain over the last couple of days, the first day of Fairport’s Cropredy Convention has got off to a flying start.
The weather forecast for the festival period is looking good to fine, and with a little breeze it will soon dry out.
Let’s hope the convention is as good as last year
Today’s line up is as follows:
Thursday 10 August (16.00 – 23.00)
21.30-23.00  The Divine Comedy
19.35-20.50  The Trevor Horn Band
17.55-19.10  Show of Hands
16.25-17.35  Feast of Fiddles
16.00-16.20  Fairport Acoustic
Have a great festival, keep checking our website for festival updates, or why not pop into the marina office and ask about any changes to the line-up.
Don’t forget the Brasenose pub in the village has it’s famous FFFestival on at the same time, so grab a beer and listen-on!
Their line up for the first evening is as follows:
Thur Aug 10 (12 – 10 pm) 12 noon ~ The Bullfrogs ~ 2 pm ~ Rhythm Zoo ~ 4 pm ~ Debbie Bond & Radiator Rick ~ 8 pm ~ Dave Arrowsmith Band
Cropredy Marina – a great place to moor, and Cropredy Village a great place to hear great music!
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